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Luxurious Lotions

Our luxurious lotions will allow you to enjoy the skin you're in! Our lotions highest oil ingredients are Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter. Jojoba Oil is similar to the natural oil provided by the human body. Shea Butter is a natural vitamin A cream, exceptional moisturizer, and contains wonderful healing properties for the skin.


*Our Lotions come in a 7 oz. tub or 4 oz. squeeze tubes. The tubes are convenient for on the go applications.

Foot Mousse - refreshing peppermint therapy.

Foot Mousse is a great new product with your feet in mind. In fact, we describe it as "Dessert For Your Feet". It features Peppermint Essential Oil which is widely used on the feet in Massage Therapy. Even men will use and enjoy this lotion. Used regularly, Foot Mousse will help prevent those unsightly callouses which can seem to require a belt sander to remove. We use Foot Mousse often and everywhere and love it! In addition to moisturizing dry skin, Foot Mousse produces a refreshing "walking on air" sensation. You will love it too!

Honey Mousse - light honey & oatmeal fragrance.

Our Honey Mousse is destined to be a Millcreek Valley Farm favorite! Honey has long been known for its skin care properties and since we know a beekeeper, we blended in a dollop of fresh honey to an already lavish lotion with wonderful results! As with all our Skin Creams, the fragrance is light and fresh . . . just a whisp of oatmeal and honey with no added color. You are going to enjoy this skin cream for both its moisturizing properties and the unique experience it brings to your skin care regimen. A fabulous treat for the senses and the body. Enjoy!


Kukui Mousse - a soft, Pacific island fragrance.

Kukui Mousse is our top of the line offering. Hundreds of years ago, Hawaiians discovered that when the shells were removed from Kukui nuts and the kernels lightly roasted clear oil could be pressed out. This was an excellent penetrating oil that when smoothed on the skin soothed and softened sunburns and irritations. Newborn babies were bathed in this easily absorbed oil. This treasured health and beauty secret has been included in our best Whipped Skin Cream - Kukui Mousse. Pamper the skin you are in Aloha style!


Mango Mousse - a fresh and tropical fragrance.

Mango Butter helps protect the skin and retain moisture. It is also a great source of natural antioxidants. We have now included this often overlooked ingredient in our very popular Body Mousse line. The fragrance is fresh and tropical, and not "heavy handed" at all. We pride our selves on creative and unique offerings that are not usually found in the market place. Mango Mousse from Millcreek Valley Farm is just such a moisturizing lotion. a treat for skin & senses!


Verbena Mousse - bright with notes of citrus & herbs.

As crisp as freshly folded linen! Lemon verbena, or Aloysia triphylla is an aromatic shrub native to Argentina and Chile. Also known as herb Louisa, it was named after Maria Louisa, Princess of Parma in 1819. In Gone with the Wind, lemon verbena is mentioned as Scarlet O'Hara's mother's favorite plant. We have taken this olde time favorite to a new level with the addition of our own fragrance notes. The early reviews at our live shows have been 2 thumbs up! As always, when fragrance is added, it is with a light touch, and the lotion base is rich with moisturizing butters and oils like Jojoba, Shea & Aloe.